How Solar Power Is Creating Jobs Around The Globe

Faced with the threat posed by Climate Change, societies around the world have been forced to adapt to hazardous climatological conditions, in order to guarantee the survival of future generations. Some of those adaptations include opting for a plant-based diet and cutting down on Carbon Dioxide emissions by driving and flying less. Nevertheless, preparing for Climate Change requires so much more beyond simple lifestyle changes. If you’re looking into switching over to solar power, contact us to find the best texas solar installer.

Safeguarding the future may entail changing old habits, so that maintaining the comfort of our modern lives does not have to be at the expense of the environment. For a long time societies around the world used coal to power homes, ships and factories. However, with the development of photovoltaic solar panels, not only can solar energy be harnessed to produce electricity for entire buildings but also for heating up water, saving consumers significant amounts of money, as well as reducing the burden on the environment.

Solar panels are beneficial for the environment and the worldwide economy. The renewable energy sector has provided hundreds of thousands of new jobs in North America, Europe and Asia, being most of those jobs from the solar panel industry. Most jobs in Europe in the sector have been created in the last eight years, as more households opt to switch to solar energy, and as more governments choose to subsidize the sector.

In the United States, electricity providers have chosen to combine non-renewable energy sources with solar energy allowing consumers to slash their environmental footprint as well as the cost of their electricity bill. The solar energy sector has contributed to the creation of hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the last decade alone, according to an article from 2017 in the British newspaper The Independent.

Because China has had enormous issues regarding the air quality in its territory, its government has had to take measures in order to decrease the pollution created by conventional coal plants. With this objective in mind, China has managed to redirect funds and manpower towards the creation of solar farms and fields. As a result, millions of new jobs have been created in the solar panel industry in China, just in the last twelve months alone. The initiative to transition to solar energy has been so successful that in many Chinese cities nowadays, energy from solar panels is cheaper than energy provided by conventional electricity grids. As reported by CNN in an article from August 2019, China seeks to be a leader in the creation of jobs in the solar panel industry in the foreseeable future.

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